STAG vs SKAG and which is the best choice for your PPC campaign strategy.

Marketing experts have long thought that the SKAG was the gold standard in setting up your PPC campaign, and in most cases they were right. SKAGs (Single keyword adgroup structure) are just that, each keyword in your campaign has its own dedicated ad group and by extension, its own dedicated ad copy specific to the […]

Broad Match Modifier Google Update And What It Means For Your Ad Campaigns

Google Ads update alert — this one is a big deal! As of 2021, Google’s Broad Match Modifier (BMM) keyword match type will be fading out for good. But first, in case you’re not already familiar with this Matching term, let’s start by talking about what Keyword Match Types are.  Quick refresh: keywords are words […]

Apple’s iOS14 Update and Its Effect On Facebook Users And Advertisers

In case you haven’t already heard, Apple’s recently-announced “App Tracking Transparency Update” has got Facebook and social media marketers up in arms — to say the least. While it’s still early days to determine the exact impact that this update will have on Facebook advertising at large, it’s safe to say that the effects will […]

What You Need to Know About the Upcoming Page Speed Core Update

So you may be asking yourself, what is a Google Core Update? Google releases several Core algorithmic updates throughout the year, each of these releases focuses around different ranking and indexing factors. These adjustments and stand alone algorithms searccan revolve around Natural Language Processing (Bert) to filtering when businesses show up in local map searches […]

The Rise of Zero Click Searches and How to Adapt Your Strategy

While Google is constantly evolving, one thing has remained constant: Google is king. The reason for this is not as obvious as it may seem; it’s not because Google is bigger, it’s because it’s better.Users trust Google to not just get them the right answer, but quickly, and this relationship with the end user and […]

Google Adwords Update 2018

When Google AdWords rolls out new updates, we want you want to know about them. Utilizing the latest feature can save you time and help you profit the most from your advertising efforts. This year, Google has already unleashed some helpful updates earlier this year. And released several more this month on the AdWords Product […]

PremierSEM now a Premier Google Partner!

PremierSEM is proud to announce that we have earned the status of Google Premier Partner, one of only a select few leading agencies in North America that meet the criteria for this achievement. Being a Google Premier Partner means that, as an agency, we have not only met the requirements for Google Partner Status (demonstrated […]

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