Attorney expands practice due to leads from paid media.
Criminal defense attorney expands practice and brings on another associate due to the high volume of leads from paid media efforts.
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Attorney Jorge Vela’s website was dated in both build and design, in addition to being difficult to navigate. The site lacked substantial content and failed to provide relevant information to potential clients. The specific issue at hand was the need to establish Jorge Vela as an authoritative figure in the criminal defense industry, especially with non-branded keywords like “Criminal Defense Lawyer.” Most of his clients were finding him solely through his name or brand, which limited his reach and potential client base. Therefore, the primary objective was to design and execute a comprehensive SEO strategy that would not only enhance organic traffic to the website but also boost the company’s overall revenue. By achieving these goals, Jorge Vela would be better positioned to attract a broader audience and establish himself as a trusted expert in his field.


To achieve the objectives set for attorney Jorge Vela, our strategy encompassed a multifaceted approach tailored to his specific requirements. Given his interest in expanding the Spanish-speaking clientele, we prioritized this audience by rebranding all elements to Spanish, including the Google Business Profile, and incorporating a Spanish version of the website. To bolster Jorge Vela’s online presence and credibility, we embarked on an extensive digital PR campaign, securing valuable backlinks from prominent and high-authority websites such as,,, and others. Recognizing the significance of a compelling online presence, we undertook a comprehensive overhaul of the website. The homepage underwent a complete rewrite, and we introduced long-form content focusing on pillar topics that showcased the client’s expertise and positioned him as a recognized authority in the realm of criminal defense. Additionally, we revitalized the blog by crafting new, highly relevant posts that reflected the client’s legal proficiency. These posts were meticulously optimized, incorporating Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EEAT) signals to affirm Jorge Vela’s credentials as an experienced lawyer capable of providing valuable insights. To reinforce his local relevance, we diligently optimized Jorge Vela’s Google Business Profile and integrated local signals into the website’s content, targeting location-specific terms like “Central Texas,” “Travis County,” and “Austin, TX.” By adopting this comprehensive strategy, we aimed to not only increase organic traffic and website visibility but also to position attorney Jorge Vela as a reputable legal professional in the criminal defense industry, thereby attracting a broader clientele and elevating his overall business success.


The results of the implemented strategies for attorney Jorge Vela were significant and far-reaching. The digital PR campaign, although a long-term endeavor, yielded substantial benefits, leading to a remarkable increase in referring domains to the client’s website. As a direct consequence, the domain rating and website authority experienced a notable boost, solidifying Jorge Vela’s position as a prominent figure within the industry. By securing features on high-authority news websites, he earned widespread recognition and established himself as an industry authority. Following the launch of the redesigned website in January, the impact was immediate. Impressions saw a considerable spike, largely attributed to the introduction of compelling long-form content that heightened the website’s relevancy in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, the new blog page played a pivotal role in ranking for relevant keywords, such as “Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer” and other non-branded terms, further enhancing Jorge Vela’s online visibility and reach. The culmination of these efforts translated into increased engagement and conversions, driving the desired revenue growth for the client. The successful implementation of the overall strategy not only attracted a wider audience but also solidified Jorge Vela’s reputation as a top-tier criminal defense attorney, leading to tangible business growth and success.

I was very surprised by how quickly I saw results. Premier took my online presence to the next level, and it led to a huge increase in call volume. I am truly grateful and glad I finally invested in digital marketing.

Jorge Vela

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