Revving up success with huge surge in lead volume for our client.
RideNow, a subsidiary of RumbleOn, is among the nation's top dealership groups with 55+ stores in the U.S. Established in 1983, they offer an extensive inventory of over 20,273 vehicles, including motorcycles, ATVs, and watercraft, from top brands. The Premier team partnered with RideNow for over 5 years to manage digital marketing efforts for 36 of their stores.


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For RideNow’s marketing strategy, we embarked on a holistic paid media approach. We began by extensively researching the unique market of each of our 36 stores. Using the stores first party data, we aimed to find and engage audiences that mirrored our established loyal customers. Our chief objective was to attract quality leads, encourage store visits, and achieve this while keeping the cost per lead under $25. We developed tailored Google search, call-only campaigns, display retargeting, and Youtube campaigns for every store. This account structure was designed to guide users smoothly from their initial click right through to conversion. To ensure cost-efficiency, we used precise location targets and integrated over 5,000 negative keywords and location targets. and to prevent superfluous expenditures. A specialized team, which included a senior strategist and two junior associates, diligently managed each account. This setup ensured that every account received bi-weekly assessments, fine-tuned keyword bidding for the most favorable CPC, underwent regular experiments and A/B ad tests.


Through meticulous management of 36 accounts and the implementation of 325 tailored campaigns, the outcomes of our strategic approach speak volumes. On average, we successfully generated over 9,000 monthly leads, providing a substantial influx of potential customers for RideNow. These leads translated into tangible results as we drove more than 4,600 monthly in-store visits, showcasing our ability to convert online interest into physical store foot traffic. Furthermore, our cost-efficiency measures were highly effective, as we maintained an impressive average cost per conversion of just $12.29. These metrics collectively underscore the substantial success we achieved by leveraging our deep knowledge of the powersports industry to boost RideNow’s market presence and drive business growth.

Over the past several years, Premier’s exceptional SEM and SEO Digital Marketing Services have been instrumental in helping my company establish a dominant presence in the online marketplace for motorcycle and powersports listings. One of the standout aspects of our collaboration was the hands-on involvement of Mike Shaug, the owner of Premier Online Marketing. His passion for ensuring the success of his clients was evident in every interaction we had. He went above and beyond to ensure our marketing efforts were tailored to our unique needs, always striving for optimal results.

Jacob Berry
Director of Digital Sales & Marketing

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