Creating a digital platform that gives back to nature.
The Great Outdoors Fund sought direct connections with outdoor enthusiasts for donations. Premier developed a site showcasing initiatives and powered platforms for seamless donation collection.


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The Great Outdoors Fund approached Premier with a significant challenge – their existing website was outdated and no longer met their needs. Moreover, they desired a user-friendly backend that would empower their team to edit web pages without relying on external developers. The Great Outdoors Fund required a comprehensive solution to revamp their online presence and improve their website’s functionality.


To address the client’s challenges, Premier devised a comprehensive strategy. The first step involved rebuilding the entire front-facing website from scratch, ensuring a modern and visually appealing design. Premier’s development team conducted thorough bug fixes to optimize the website’s database and enhance overall performance. Additionally, the team focused on resolving responsive issues to ensure the website looked great across various devices. It was crucial to strike a balance between delivering a refreshed look and maintaining familiarity with the client’s previous site to ensure seamless user experience.


The outcome of Premier’s website development project for The Great Outdoors Fund was highly successful. The client now boasts a fully functioning and user-friendly front-facing website. The revamped website not only provides an enhanced user experience but also showcases a refreshed design that aligns with current industry standards. Most importantly, Premier’s implementation of a user-friendly backend system empowers The Great Outdoors Fund’s team to make edits and updates to web pages independently, eliminating the need for external developers. The new website has significantly improved the client’s online presence and has become a valuable asset in their digital marketing efforts.

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